4 Things About The New Audi Q2 We Loved

A big performer that comes in a small package

1.    The Little Engine That Could

The Q2’s big deal is the small deal. It is a one-liter three-cylinder engine, but what is most surprising is that it doesn’t feel like that. At all. It is smooth and puts power down nicely, probably thanks to getting the powerplant/transmission matchup just right. The car is happy to squirt around corners and through traffic, and is more at home quick than in traffic. In the standard urban crawl, getting off the brakes brings the RPMs up to around two thousand which takes getting used to. You learn to roll on and off the pedals.

2.    A Fitting Suspension

The suspension is taut, firm yet comfortable. It isn’t a soft ride, but a stable one that fits the character of the car. It isn’t an off-roader, more a soft one. Driver position is more sedan-like as opposed to the higher “commanding” position of most SUVs. It smooths out small village humps quite well.

3.    A Head Turner

The Q2’s lines are showing the move back to the less bulbous, and reminded more than a few enthusiasts of the Audi that first took their hearts years ago, the Quattro. The multiple-facet side could look busy, but instead it looks fresh.

4.    Audi Inside and Out

The interior is standard Audi quality and precision. You get the clean design elements you expect along with the ergonomic accessibilities you need. The audio control placement can take some getting used to, but then this is a driver’s car so you shouldn’t be fiddling anyway.

The Audi Q2 really is an example of how right-sizing (downsizing, shrinking, whatever) can work if you really commit. Driving the Q2 is at the very least a pleasant drive, though the car is about as happy in bumper-to-bumper traffic as you are. The car is a small SUV that gives you a good amount of space with a relatively small environmental footprint, and can still put a smile on your face when the right set of curves presents itself.

For those who want to go more in-depth on the Audi Q2, you can check out the details when the September Issue hits the shelves.


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