Three Things You Can’t Do Without for A Safer Ride in the Philippines

Did you know that more than a million people perish in traffic accidents worldwide every year? [1]

Closer to home, there were 75,399 road accidents in the National Capital Region alone from January to September 2017. Of this figure, 285 were fatal; 10,793 resulted in nonfatal injuries while 64,321 resulted in damage to property. [2]

While there’s little motorists can do in terms of road quality, road infrastructure or traffic conditions, keeping your vehicle in tiptop shape with regular maintenance is something within your control.

Here are three auto parts/accessories you should consider investing in for a stress-free and safer ride:

1. Loud Vehicle Horns

When was the last time you saw a driver suddenly cutting into your lane recklessly? No signaling etiquette, distracted driving while messaging, playing a game on their mobile device or listening to overly loud music. And even pedestrians are often seen walking with headphones on. These are just some terrible habits of drivers (and pedestrians) on the road.

To stay safe on the road, you need loud horns that are capable of cutting through all these distractions and alert those around you. Each HELLA horn is individually tuned for optimal and harmonious sound that’s so distinctly HELLA. From the HELLA Super Tone horns that come with a focused and high-penetrating power tone, the HELLA Strong Tone horns that emits a focused and far-reaching sound to the lightweight HELLA Compact horns designed for highway driving, rest assured that when you choose HELLA horns, you will be heard.

2. High Performance Bulbs

The roads of the Philippines are some of the darkest on the planet to drive on. Even in Metro Manila, there are still stretches of roads without proper street lighting, making it extremely hazardous to drive at night or during adverse weather conditions.

Illuminate poorly lit roads with HELLA Platinum range of Performance Bulbs that project 100% more light than standard bulbs, delivering greater visibility on the road. Thanks to its high-performance power filament, each HELLA Platinum Performance Bulb shines far ahead and wider, thus helping you to distinguish road hazards and react sooner.

3. Capturing Critical Moments With Driving Video Recorders

Don’t get yourself caught in a situation where it will be your word against theirs. In the event of a road accident, even if you’re not at fault, the other party could easily turn the tables on you and the next thing you know you’re being charged with road offences. Thankfully, videos cannot lie, which is why we can’t stress enough the importance of installing dash cameras on your vehicles.

Not just any dash cameras, you need a good quality dash camera in your vehicle that records high-resolution videos day and night. The HELLA DR 520 driving video recorder is fully capable of capturing critical details of every road incidents. Recording at 30 frames per second without dropping a single frame, every moment of your commute is captured bright and clear. Equipped with 2.7 inch LCD screen, the HELLA DR 520 offers full high-definition (HD) video images with Night Vision, Smart Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring Mode and more for total peace of mind while on the road.

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