C! Magazine holds 4th leg of Road Safety Campaign with Pfizer employees

Pfizer Inc. affirms to initiate road safety

Pfizer Incorporated joined the growing list of responsible motorists aiming for safe and secure streets by taking part in the C! Road Safety Campaign at Pfizer’s new office in 8 Rockwell Building on Monday.

The pharmaceutical corporation welcomed C! Magazine, which conducted a road safety seminar to educate its employees on proper ways of maintaining a car and conducting first aid in case of accidents. The seminar also gave the employees refresher lessons on the existing traffic laws and things to do to avoid road rage.

The speakers of the C! Road Safety Campaign were Carlo Claudio of Tuason Racing School (TRS), Ralph Teeten of Bridgestone, Ivy Ricafort-Sison from Maxi-Cosi, and regular speakers Paul Violetta from Lifeline Ambulance Service, Petron’s Mike Potenciano, and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) Miguel “Mhigz” Panal.

Potenciano, a former car racer, gave tips on how to conserve fuel, such as checking a car's tire pressure, loading less things in one's car compartment and turning off the engine, while idling the car for long stretches. He also stressed the significance of inspecting a car's Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gasoline (BLOWBAGS) before heading out on the road.

Claudio of TRS presented the hazards and consequences of a driver’s behavior on the road such as over-speeding, driving when drunk, and having distractions behind the wheel. He also gave tips on how to drive safely in the rainy season.

Since most of the participants were parents, Maxi-Cosi’s Sison presented various infant carriers that they can attach to their cars and how these provide safety to infants and toddlers aboard. She also gave a demonstration on how to properly attach the carriers.

Meanwhile, Teeten, Violetta, and Panal gave a rundown on tire maintenance, first aid management, and traffic rules and regulations, as well as the Anti-Distracted Driving Law.

The C! Magazine Road Safety Campaign is presented by Petron Corporation, Bridgestone Tires, in collaboration with MMDA, Tuason Racing School, and Lifeline Ambulance Service.

The 2017 Road Safety Campaign also has Philippine Star, Wheels, and Ride and Drive Philippines as media partners. Other backers include Jergens, Lighthouse Marina Hotel, Goody, Mont Albo, Human Nature, Tamiya, Inc., Modarri, Lego, and Bo’s Coffee.