Maynard M. Marcelo – Motorcycle Editor

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Looking Back

I was very impressed when I first purchased a copy of C! Magazine back in 2002. At first I thought it was a foreign title until I browsed through the whole magazine. “Whoa, this is something” I thought to myself. The first thing that struck me was the print quality; It’s thick, glossy and well bounded. I wouldn’t be surprised if it bore the title “Automobile” on the cover. I’m sorry Automobile magazine, but even that’s an understatement. Leafing through the pages, I discovered that the articles and photos are worthy to be called world class. After reading the magazine twice from cover to cover I finally concluded it’s P125 well spent. I began collecting C! Magazines ever since. I must have been a very good boy because after eight years I found myself working in C! Magazine as both Motorcycle and Wheel 2 Wheel section editor.

Wheel 2 Wheel was the brainchild of the late Kookie Ramirez. It used to be a stand alone magazine until it was incorporated in C! Magazine in April 2010, therefore becoming its newest section. Wheel 2 Wheel is basically dedicated to everything and anything with wheels. While that includes everything from bicycles to skateboards, Wheel 2 Wheel eventually became the dedicated section for motorcycles inside C! Magazine. However, did you know that long before Wheel 2 Wheel came out C! Magazine had already been featuring motorcycles since 2003? Yes, and for our 10th anniversary issue we dug deep into our archives to pick some of the articles that we believe have best represented Wheel 2 Wheel through the years.

As we bask in our 10th year anniversary limelight we can’t help but feel smug about all our accomplishments. This is, after all, a very competitive industry. After seeing many magazines close shop due to stiff competition, I must say that staying strong for this long is a huge achievement in itself. Of course this wouldn’t be possible without the help of all the passionate individuals (past and present) working tirelessly behind the scenes of C! Magazine. Lest I forget, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the admin, sales and marketing, graphics and layout, photographers, contributing editors, and editorial staff, for bringing C! Magazine to its lofty place right now. Cheers!

Happy new year everybody!