Crossroad / 06-20-17

C! and Kia go to Palawan

A trip to the Princess City of the South For 15 years, C! Magazine has been at the forefront of

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Features / 06-10-17

A Fun Gift Guide for Father’s Day presented by Prestone

He takes us to school, fetches us from the mall, basically takes us wherever we need to go – all

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Features / 06-07-17

Workshop Wednesday – Fluids

Your car needs to “hydrate”, too! Have you ever read the maintenance section in your vehicle’s owner’s manual? We all

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Features / 06-05-17

Five Easy and Affordable Ways To Go Racing

Need to fulfill your need for speed? Here are five simple ways to do so. Let’s face it: motorsport is

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Features / 05-31-17

Workshop Wednesday – Tire Rotation

  Let’s face it : if you are not careful, car maintenance can be a deep money pit that may

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Features / 05-10-17

Workshop Wednesday – Headlights Explained

Seeing Clearly Remember when you were a kid, and you’d try to draw the cars you’d see on the road

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Features / 05-08-17

The BMW All-New X1 Media Drive

Behind the wheel of the X1, and more A select few from the Philippine automotive industry’s Media, 18 individuals to

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Features / 05-03-17

Wax On, Wax Off – How Car Wax Works

Car wax isn’t just a magic potion that makes your car shiny. There is more to it than meets the

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Features / 04-26-17

Workshop Wednesday – Proper Tire Inflation

So when was the last time you checked the air pressure on your tires? If you can’t remember the last

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Crossroad / 04-25-17

Know No Bounds – Hovercraft Philippines

It was only when I traveled 300 kilometers away from the city when I saw a vehicle without borders As

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