2017 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 V

Since 2005, Toyota has offered a vehicle platform for the everyday Filipino that needed a diesel vehicle that could do the work of a pick-up while giving comfort of an SUV: the Fortuner. More than a decade later, Toyota released the all-new Fortuner (on its 2nd generation) to try to take the top spot on the Mid-Size SUV Platform.

The Fortuner has always asserted itself as a tough SUV. The all-new Fortuner does just the same with the inclusion of carrying a sharper look that seems to be a corporate design cue emulated from the rest of the Toyota lineup. Because of this, the Fortuner has a distinct look that is strongest when seen from its side profile.

Compared to older models, the interior is a huge step forward when it comes to design, comfort, and quality. They didn’t just use the tough plastics Toyota has always been known for, they also added touches like the dark brown leather that gives it a premium charm.  It implements blue lighting for the gauges and clusters that are soothing to the eyes even at night. This is all well and good when you compare it to its older brother, but against its 2017 competition, this is neither new nor revolutionary.

Adjust the power driver seat and push the start button to be greeted to its 2.4L diesel turbocharged engine that works favorably with the 6-speed automatic transmission. The lack of 4WD means that its main job is to go around the city, and that’s where the Fortuner starts to come together to show its strengths. Whether it’s a slow crawl through heavy traffic or cruising on the highway, the transmission chose its gears wisely for an intuitive power delivery while still being efficient. As for the ride, yes it was slightly bouncy when it was just a driver and maybe one passenger, but it starts to settle its suspension when you fill it up with people and cargo.

The biggest weakness of the Fortuner 4x2 V is that for the same amount of money, you can buy its competitors’ 4x4 variant, which comes loaded with the latest infotainment systems (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), rear-view cameras, and all-around sensors to make these big vehicles feel not so big. A successful Mid-Size SUV is more than just mechanical prowess; it has to feel like a complete and capable package in relation to its price. For those dead set on getting a Fortuner because it’s a Toyota, they have really nothing much to worry about and will be treated to the meaning of what reliability and dependability is. For those who are looking at the Fortuner amongst its competitors, it might be hard to justify its steep price.


Spec Box – Short

Car Model:

2017 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 V


Inline-4, 2393 cc, dohc, 16V, VNT, 6-Speed Automatic

Max Power (bhp @ rpm)

147 bhp @ 3400 rpm

Max Torque (lb/ft @ rpm)

295 lb/ft @ 1600 - 2000 rpm

0-100 km/h [or 0-62 mph](sec)

13.2 sec.

Top Speed (km/h)

170 km/h (112 mph)

Fuel Milage (km/L)

16.0 km/L Combined

Price as Tested (PhP)

PhP 1,833,000.00

What’s Great

+ Harmonious engine and transmission, equally practical and dependable

What’s Not So

- Steep price for what you get

C! Editors Rating

8.0 / 10