2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Ultimate Grand Touring Coupé, reconfirmed after over 1,000 road kilometers

Let’s not mince words, I love the modern BMW breed of Rolls-Royce products. The gargantuan Phantom flagship may be gone for now, but it will be back real soon, projected to be in 2018 along with the Cullinan. Now Rolls-Royce still doesn’t want to categorize it as an SUV even if the proportions and tall ride height may clearly suggest the contrary. The Cullinan and the all-new Phantom are supposed to use a new, shared aluminum architecture. Until Project Cullinan comes to fruition, though, to challenge the Bentley Bentayga for supremacy in its ultra-premium segment, the last new Rolls-Royce model released was the Dawn convertible last year. The beautiful Dawn may simply look like a Wraith convertible, but according to Roll-Royce, more than 80% of the body panels are unique, even if the 122.5-inch wheelbase, basic chassis and drivetrain may be shared.


The Wraith, my absolute favorite vehicle of all time, weighs roughly 420 pounds less than the Dawn (563 bhp @ 5250-6000 rpm) and produces 61 bhp more power but less torque over a wider powerband, 590 lb ft @ 1500-5500 rpm compared to 605 lb ft @ 1600-4750 rpm. The Dawn may be close to a half second less quick, but that isn’t the point with such a car. On the other side of the spectrum, the Wraith Black Badge variant is only a tenth quicker from 0-100 km/h but with so much more torque (642 lb ft @ 1700-4500 rpm). It always feels mightier though you do compromise the impeccably linear power delivery somewhat too, and lose almost 2mpg of fuel consumption. Which brings us back to this immaculate test unit in blistering Orange Metallic. The basic MSRP in North America begins at US$304,350.00 which is already substantial. Yet when I looked at the final delivery price when I drove off the lot, it read an astonishing US$ 389,400.00, which means that $85,050.00 went to bespoke equipment! As you allow these first numbers to steep, let me itemize the breakdown further so you can see where the money went.


The special paint cost $10,425.00. The special Mandarin interior trim was $5,825.00. There was a Bespoke Group charge of $5,825.00. The Driver’s Assistance 3 package was $11,575.00. The wonderful Lambs’ wool foot mats are $1,350.00. The Polished Stainless Steel Package was $2,350.00. The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Audio that uses a 600-watt 10-channel amplifier and 16 speakers with subwoofers rocked at $8,625.00. The Starlight Headliner, which had a constellation pattern that I did not recognize, was the single biggest ticket at $14,700.00. To ventilate the front seats cost $2,650.00, then to monogram all headrests cost $1,175.00. The contrast stitching cost $1,825.00, Door Piping $1,175.00, Seat Piping – Centre Only $3,625.00, and Black Outer Two-tone $2,775.00. The cost of having an up-lit Spirit of Ecstasy was $4,025.00 (projects a halo of white light that emanates from the base of the pedestal on which the lady stands). Treadplates – RR, Goodwood $2,600.00, and the list goes on! Oddly, the upgraded 21″ Style 603 mixed alloy wheels did not have a cost, swapping the front P255/45 R20 101Y and rear-P285/40 R20 104Y Goodyear EMT EfficientGrip RunONFlat tires for P255/40 R21 102Y and P285/35 R21 105Y Continental ContiSportContact 5 ContiSeal RFT units.

Having had the honor and privilege to extensively drive the Rolls-Royce Wraith in Europe, Asia, and now North America, I can say it is truly the very best Gran Touring coupé on Earth. Yes, it is huge and extremely expensive but you see and feel why it costs so great. Every single component is at its most superlative best that reinforces what the Wraith and the brand represent. I would take the Wraith over any supercar and hypercar without hesitation if I could afford it. The Wraith has all the practical usable speed, handling, and braking of the exotics but with the comfort, luxury, capacity, and equipment that they do not possess.

Specification – 2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith

Engine: V12, 6592 cc, dohc 48V, Direct Injection Intercooled Twin-Turbo, VVT, 8-speed AT

Max power: 624 bhp @ 5600 rpm

Max torque: 590 lb-ft @ 1500-5500 rpm

0-100 km/h (0-62mph): 4.6 sec.

Top Speed: 250 km/h (155 mph) Governed

Fuel Mileage: 13 mpg City / 21 mpg Highway

Retail Price: US$ 389,400.00

C! RATING 10/10

+Epic in every way and still THE supreme luxury Gran Turismo



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