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Car Reviews / 08-06-18

2017 Ford Everest 2.2L Titanium 4×2

By Nicolas A. Calanoc


The 4×2 that works for you


If there is one trend I’ve noticed, it is people buying a pick-up or mid-size SUV in its 4×4 variant, but the moment you tell them to go through unspeakable terrain like up a mountain or through a river, they become hesitant because of the fear of their vehicle getting scratches, dents, or stuck. What they end up with is a vehicle with an unutilized quality that could have saved a quarter of a million pesos (as of this time of writing).

This is where the 2017 Ford Everest 2.2L Titanium 4×2 with the Premium Package comes in. I think that this is the best-spec 4×2 Mid-Size SUV in the market today. But before we talk about what it comes with, let’s talk about what it is.

This Ford Everest gives a look of understated, commanding presence like a clean-cut master sergeant who is quiet. It doesn’t “scream”, but you know when the job has to be done, it does so with ease. And that is what the 4×2 Everest is all about. In the city, it drives very sedan-like despite its big size. What was more impressive though is how it sounds. The NVH was low enough for my dad to ask if it was diesel. That alone says a lot. Nothing magnificent about the steering, since it is a body-on-frame, but its smooth and intuitive power delivery minimizes that quality.

It gets better inside. Not only is most of the interior wrapped in leather, but also its fit, stitching, and feel are done really well. Arguably, the interior is as cohesive and as well placed as its bigger brother, the Ford Explorer. What will make it such a lovable car is that it is so easy despite its size because of all the driving aids you get, like a rear-parking camera, front and rear proximity sensors, and an infotainment system that keeps all your gadgets in check. An additional PhP 120,000 might sound a lot, but when you consider that it entails you to have a whole lot of extras like HID Headlamps, LED DRLs, 8-way power front seats, power fold 3rd row seats, dual panel moonroof, power lift gate, a heads-up display for collision mitigation, park assist, cruise control, and a lane-keeping system to name a few: it all of a sudden raises the value of the Everest.

For a driver who is highly experienced in driving mid-size SUVs, this variant might seem too much. He or she can save PhP 320,000 versus the Trend variant and PhP 460,000 versus the Ambiente. But that is only my point of view. When I was talking to my dad about the different prices and variants, I was surprised that he would rather have all the gadgets and gizmos in it even with the extra cost. It was then that I figured out what makes the 2017 Ford Everest 2.2L Titanium 4×2 with Premium Package the best-spec Mid-Size SUV in the market. What I saw as extras because I can easily drive big cars, he saw as essentials because it made it as easy to drive as a car. That is its charm. Not only does it mechanically drive sound, but puts any driver, whether new to driving or an expert, in a place where the experience is just as good and pleasant.


Engine: Inline-4, 2199 cc, dohc, 16V, TDCi, 6-Speed AT

Max Power (bhp @ rpm): 158 bhp @ 3200 rpm

Max Torque (lb/ft @ rpm): 284 lb/ft @ 1600 – 2500 rpm

0-100 km/h [or 0-62 mph](sec):  10.3 sec.

Top Speed (km/h):  140 km/h (87 mph)

Fuel Milage (km/L):  12.2 km/L Combined

Price as Tested (PhP):  PhP 1,859,000.00 (including Premium Package)

What’s Great + Premium Package is more value than it costs, a true urban SUV, great NVH

What’s Not So – A big price jump from the mid-trim variant

C! Editors Rating 9.0 / 10