June 11, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

The Intelligent Upgrade

The all-new Terra SUV is Nissan’s latest example of a long tradition of first-mover technical innovation, and modern families will surely benefit from what the Terra puts on the table – or even off the road.

The Evolving SUV

SUVs have won consumers’ hearts because of their practicality and safety; if you’re traveling with your family to a remote getaway, an SUV is the perfect choice. With seating for seven, it’s impossible to deny an SUV’s space and utility. An SUV’s high ground clearance and optional four-wheel-drive offer a clear safety advantage over a traditional sedan or minivan. But comfort and safety don’t have to end with those fundamental qualities.

The Nissan Terra is more than a safe SUV; it’s a highly intelligent SUV for family adventures. Like a home computer with bundled upgrades, the Nissan Terra comes straight from the showroom with upgrades built in. Not mere cosmetic upgrades, but usable, technological upgrades that enhance the Terra driving experience by providing useful tools to the adventurous yet responsible Terra family man.

Smart, Convenient Technology

Speaking of family man, his young and active family will likely include small children, and children play everywhere – including the driveway or garage. The all-new Terra’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility features like Moving Object Detection feature works with its Intelligent AVM (Around View Monitor) to provide real-time, 360-degree visual information to the driver as he backs out of the garage or parking slot. Should a moving object – a child or pet below window level – be detected, the system produces a loud beep from the rear and displays the location of the moving object via the Terra’s Intelligent Rear View Mirror screen, or on the A/V LCD screen in the middle of the dashboard as an option.

On the road, the all-new Terra’s intelligent technologies continue to keep your family safe. Even with second and third row seats occupied, the Intelligent Rear View Mirror gives you an unobstructed view of your rear with a flip of a switch. While the Nissan Terra is designed with maximum outward visibility in mind, its Blind Spot Warning system alerts the driver of any object – like an approaching vehicle – that might be in a momentary blind spot, prompting evasive action. Another beneficial safety feature built into the new Terra is a Lane Departure Warning system, which uses a camera to monitor the Terra’s position relative to the lines on the road. When a gradual, unintentional drift to another lane, such as when the driver is sleepy or when visibility is poor, is detected, the system will alert the driver with both an audible warning and a flashing indicator on the instrument cluster.

Capability and Comfort

Among the Nissan Terra’s other advantages are its class-leading power, ground clearance and approach/ departure angles when the spirit of off-road adventure kicks in. When it does, the Terra’s segment-leading length and wheelbase, NASA-inspired Zero-Gravity front seats, theater-style seating and multi-link rear suspension will have your passengers feeling like they are floating over rocks – or water, with the Terra’s high water wading capacity. Long cargo? Not a problem with the longest flat loading floor in its class.

The Complete Package

All these features are part of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility philosophy, and help keep Terra drivers and their families safer on the road, as they travel to their destinations in comfort, confidence and on time. After all, accidents cause delays, and the best way to avoid these delays is to avoid accidents altogether. The new Nissan Terra is more than just an upgraded SUV.

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