About Us

Back in late 2001, a group of car enthusiasts decided to start up a Philippine-based, ASEAN car magazine, that would dedicate itself to promoting the passion of motoring across the entire region. We wanted to create something that every car-loving Filipino could be proud of––including those that work outside these beautiful shores. 

We didn’t even have an office, or business cards for that matter, but already we were talking about building an international brand that would be recognized as the national voice of the Filipino consumer. They said we were nuts. And they were right. We were––and still are––car nuts. 

Yet since then, not only have we celebrated a decade in the industry––which includes well over a hundred and twenty issues––we've also been the first Filipino publication to be franchised internationally when Korea secured a contract to reprint us under license, plus a world-wide distribution through Cathay Pacific lounges worldwide and an iTunes version of our publication, as well as international recognition from some of the most iconic brands in the automotive world, like Pagani, who proudly feature our logos on their cars as they compete in prestigious events like the Mille Miglia, Nurburgring challenges, and appear in the numerous documentaries on international television programs like National Geographic and Fifth Gear.

We were also the first Filipinos to ever test an F1 car, the first publication in the world to test the Pagani Cinque, the second publication in the world to test the Pagani Huarya and the only Filipino journalists to test the likes of the Lexus LFA, the Weismann GT,  the Venturi Fetish, the Apollo Gumpert, the Spykers, as well as every road-legal Zonda and numerous other exotics.

But as difficult as all that was, we are nothing without you. Because you drive the cars, not the other way around, and our greatest achievement has always been earning your trust. And this is why we have re-developed our website to be able to interact with you and continue to give you the absolute best our industry have to offer. Because whether it is a 600,000 peso Vios or a 42-million peso Lexus LFA, you deserve to have the same distinct voice we always set out to give you. So use it wisely. And use it often